Cité Mirabel opens its doors to China

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Monday, February 5. A meeting aiming to expand relations and develop new economic partnerships between China and the City of Mirabel was held in the OVUM Business Centre at Cité Mirabel. For the occasion, Jean Bouchard, mayor of Mirabel, was there along with Gilbert Leblanc, director of Mirabel Économique. On the agenda were presented the latest projects announced when the City of Mirabel’s 2018 budget was revealed. Then, Ray Junior Courtamanche outlined, with his usual enthusiasm, Cité Mirabel and its future developments: medical clinic, modern 15-storey condo towers, trendy restaurants, essential services, etc. Finally, to show the progress on ongoing projects and the region’s dynamism, a tour of the premises wrapped up the meeting. Throughout this afternoon filled with discussions, all seemed excited ahead of the revival we are currently witnessing at Cité Mirabel. From the atmosphere and reactions there, the meeting can be considered a great success. Can we expect another meeting? Absolutely!

Promoting the Region

Since the early 20th century, China has always had a role to play in the development of the Canada we know today. As early as 1881, nearly 15,000 Chinese workers helped build the Canadian Pacific transcontinental railway, under conditions that are denounced today. A massive immigration then followed, particularly in Vancouver where we can now find Canada’s largest Chinese diaspora.

To this day, Canada is not only an important economic partner for China, but also a welcoming place for people wanting to invest or stay. While metropolitan cities now count on large Chinese diasporas and are increasingly popular with Asian tourists, it’s essential to establish communication in order to promote the features of regions and cities, other than Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, which are also experiencing economic growth and have strong appeal.

China, Canada and Numbers

1.5 MILLION – This is the number of citizens of Chinese origin according to the 2016 Canadian census, which makes it one of the largest Chinese diasporas in the world.

About HALF of Vancouver’s population is of Asian origin.

Montreal has the third-largest Chinese diaspora, with more than 91,000 residents of Chinese origin.

Tourism and Investment 

1 TRILLION in Chinese overseas real estate investment in the next decade: that is what Juwai, the largest property platform in China, predicts. According to this portal, Canada is reportedly the 4th most important destination for Chinese real estate investments, just behind the United States. Hong Kong and Australia are respectively first and second.

33 PERCENT of tourists who have visited Canada in 2015 were from Asia (compared to only 13.5% in 1972). With a growing middle class, this increased influx of tourists coming from Asia is still expected.

109 MILLION – This is the number of people falling within the middle class in China as of 2016, thus coming ahead of the United States on this front.


 China represents Canada’s second-largest partner regarding bilateral exports. In 2016, Canadian exports towards China amounted to $21 BILLION, while Canadian imports coming from China reached $64.4 BILLION.

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